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Get To Know Me Meme 
↳ [1/10] favourite male characters  - Edward Kenway

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Aang bowing differently to certain masters and superiors

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15 Days of Requests!

Day 14: Kuriyama Mirai: She is strong beyond her weakness, she hides a lot of strength inside of her heart, though she may seem clumsy or weak at times, she is still fighting and not afraid to sacrifice herself for someone she treasures. I could write more and more but I will be out of characters ^^ - planetes-x


Oh my god 
I’d run too 


Oh my god 

I’d run too 

"Delicious, isn’t it? Delicious, isn’t it, Haruhi? Good."

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Expectation vs Reality II Mikasa Ackerman 
↳ If you were born on February 10 you certainly have an independent streak, partnership is extremely important to you. Nothing pleases you more than a special friendship, learning about one another, and growing through your connection. You quite easily take the lead, however, and others naturally follow. You are passionate and strong—perhaps intimidating to some because of this strength. [x]
Happy Happy Birthday, Mikasa Ackerman. 

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